Understanding the Kingdom of God

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The vision of Christian Ministries Church for 2022 is “Seek First the Kingdom of God”. To fully grasp the vision, we must gain an understanding of the Kingdom of God. John 18:36 tells us,  “My Kingdom is not of this world”. The Kingdom of God is not a physical kingdom. It is a spiritual Kingdom within God’s people. God’s Kingdom is not achieved  by overthrowing a physical government. It’s overcoming the carnal nature of man. Kingdom rule is very different than the current government that we as Americans are accustomed to. Kingdom rule does not involve citizens voting. Kingdom rule involves being under a King and submitting to the King’s rule. As part of the Kingdom of God, we place ourselves under the rule of Jesus our King! His kingdom has no end. We submit to his authority. 2022 will be a year where we possess the blessings of God, as we submit ourselves to the rule of the Kingdom of God in our lives.