Oct 7, 2020
Fightin’ Words
Posted by Josh Barnett
"Fightin' Words" by Chatman Laxton.
  • Oct 7, 2020Fightin’ Words
    Oct 7, 2020
    Fightin’ Words
    Posted by Josh Barnett
    "Fightin' Words" by Chatman Laxton.
  • Oct 4, 2020Spirit of Truth
    Oct 4, 2020
    Spirit of Truth
    Posted by Josh Barnett
    In Josh's sermon,'' Spirit of Truth'' he focusses on what it means to listen to the Spirit of God. Even in trying and uncertain circumstances, if we will listen to God we can always have the right response. Having the right response will allow us to further the kingdom of God.
  • Sep 27, 2020Victory Today part 2
    Sep 27, 2020
    Victory Today part 2
    Posted by Ashley Ellison
    In Victory Today part 2, Pastor Ashley addresses the need for God's people to speak to God through our spirit. He explains the role of speaking in tongues and the important part it was designed to play in us experiencing victory today. 
  • Sep 23, 2020Lead By The Spirit pt 3
    Sep 23, 2020
    Lead By The Spirit pt 3
    Posted by Ashley Ellison
    In the third part of Pastor Ashley's Lead by The Spirit series, Pastor Ashley talks about the importance of relying on our ability to "see" God moving spiritually, instead of through what our five physical senses tell us. Understanding, rather, that we should be leaning on our "sixth" sense and that being our spiritual sense to truly allow us to see God moving always.
  • Sep 20, 2020Lead By the Spirit Part 2
    Sep 20, 2020
    Lead By the Spirit Part 2
    Posted by Ashley Ellison
    In the second part of Pastor Ashley's Lead by the Spirit series, Pastor uses the examples of his life that led him to wanting to shift his life and to "transform" his thinking so that he could live in the blessings of God.
  • Sep 16, 2020Led by the Spirit
    Sep 16, 2020
    Led by the Spirit
    Posted by Ashley Ellison
    In Pastor Ashley's message, "Led by the Spirit", Pastor outlines the way that we should not be led by our five physical senses. Living this way will lead to frustration and sin. Instead, we should be led by the Spirit, which always will keep us on the path that God would have for us. 
  • Sep 13, 2020Victory Today
    Sep 13, 2020
    Victory Today
    Posted by Ashley Ellison
    In Pastor Ashley's message of Victory Today, He goes into detail about why and how we as Christians can see God's plan for us to be blessed. We can have victory by gaining knowledge of His word, and applying it to our lives, this activates His grace and His peace as something we can always attain. 
  • Sep 9, 2020Victories Don’t Come By Accident
    Sep 9, 2020
    Victories Don’t Come By Accident
    Posted by Deann Daniel
    In her sermon, Victories Don't Come by Accident, Deann Daniel teaches us that we must have the right strategy for life in peacetime and in war to ensure security and victory. The right strategy includes knowing the Word of God, trusting God and His Word, asking and claiming, worshiping and thanking, and resting and being at peace knowing that God is working on your behalf.
  • Sep 6, 2020Tell the Story
    Sep 6, 2020
    Tell the Story
    Psalm 78 says that it is important that we teach the stories "we have heard and known" to our children so that they will know about the "glorious deeds of the Lord." Melanie Bertoglio teaches us from this passage why it is important to pass down the stories of those we read about in the Bible..."so each generation should set its hope anew on God, not forgetting his glorious miracles and obeying his commands."
  • Sep 2, 2020Environment
    Sep 2, 2020
    Posted by Wade Ford
    Wade Ford powerfully proves why our environment matters. The sum total of our personal social and cultural conditions influence our individual lives, the lives of those around us, and our greater community. We make choices concerning our environments, and it is important to choose an environment that is conducive for God to move.