Christian Ministries is a church where you are welcome! Our vision is to minister to the family by impacting the individual. We aim to teach the Word of God in it’s complete truth and life-changing power. We believe the Christian life is to be lived all week long. Being a part of the CMC family gives you a strong foundation and environment to grow from and thrive in with other Christians. Learn more..



Sunday School: 9:30am
Worship Service: 10:30am
CMC Youth (ages 12-19): 6:00pm-8:00pm


Worship Service: 6:30pm
Kids Ministry (ages 6-11): 6:30pm


Christian Ministries Church began on September 17, 1972. Don and Hettie Lue Brooks started the ministry in Hot Springs, Arkansas along with their family. Pastor Ashley Ellison was ordained out of CMC, and began pastoring this work in Southwest Missouri in 2004.



Christian Ministries Church is a non-denominational charismatic church focused on making a positive impact upon the cities of Southwest Missouri by creating a church atmosphere where all individuals and families can grow in faith and discover God’s plan for their lives.



Christian Ministries Church does not have a formal membership process. If you are a regular attendee, then you are considered a member. However, we do have new members’ dinners to introduce all those who have joined in the past year.

Church Calendar



Senior Pastors: 
Ashley & Michelle Ellison
Adam & Cynthia Jones:
Adam Teaches Math at CMA and is a great communicator of the Word.
Chatman & Hannah Laxton:
Chatman teaches Math and English Class at CMA and coaches the basketball team.
     Derek & Courtney Harralson:
Courtney Teaches Kindergarten through the 2nd Grade at CMA.


Melanie & Rick Bertoglio:
Melanie Leads Worship at CMC and teaches English Class at CMA.






Kenan & Tristyn Sims:
Kenan keeps up with the grounds and maintenance at CMC. Tristyn does media and works in the church office.










Christian Ministries Church is active! We want YOU to get to know others, and be known. 
The best way to get connected is by committing yourself to a life group. Serving in our church and community, and participating in services and events are great ways to connect also. 
Scroll down to learn more about each group and how to become involved.

College & Career

The College & Career Life Group brings together “young” people from similar walks of life. If you’re a recent high school graduate, current college student, or even in your 20s or 30s, this group is for you! Connecting with like minded people in this stage of life is foundational for your walk through life with Christian friends. We want to connect and do life together! Check out our upcoming events below!

Young Married

This Life Group is for married couples that still are not a long way into the whole “family” experience. It’s that time of discovering what partnership and friendship in your marriage is really all about, and for some of us, how to manage life with young children. So if you are newly married, been married for a while with no kids, or maybe even have a few little ones, the “Young Marrieds” Life Group is a great place for you!

Early Family Life

Do you usually find yourself barely completing a hectic day’s schedule and then just starting all over again the next day? So do we! The early years of family life can bring many changes and challenges. In the midst of these busy schedules, it is so important for young families to enjoy the season they’re in and stay connected and involved in the Body of Christ. This enthusiastic Life Group exists to encourage families to grow in intimacy with God, with one another, and with other families.

Mid Family Life

If your kids are from middle school to high school age, you’ll connect with the families in this Life Group! We’re all trying our best to raise godly young people into successful adults and keep our families unified, sometimes despite our conflicting schedules. This Life Group provides a great opportunity for some quality family time, while building lasting relationships with other families in this season of life! It’s so important to do life with people in the Body of Christ. Join us for our next event!

  Abundant Life

Together we’re celebrating this season of life, as middle-aged adults and all that comes with it! This Life Group is for adults, married or single, who find themselves done or almost done with parenting, or maybe you’ve never had children. We want to connect with you! We can get caught up in our own daily lives and miss out on building significant friendships with other Christians. Don’t miss the great times to be had with friends in this life Group!

JOY Group

“Just Older Youth” is our most experienced group. You can find us enjoying our highly secret and most sought after recipes for all sorts of meals and deserts. We tend to get pretty rowdy when it comes to our card games and board games. We are definitely young at heart and want to remain connected within the Body of Christ. 

Feb 17, 2019
The Energy of God
Susan Allen, pastor of Russellville Christian Center, delivered a timely and challenging message. This message was inspired by a prophecy given to Pastor Susan for RCC.19. Genre: Podcast.
  • Feb 17, 2019The Energy of God
    Feb 17, 2019
    The Energy of God
    Susan Allen, pastor of Russellville Christian Center, delivered a timely and challenging message. This message was inspired by a prophecy given to Pastor Susan for RCC.19. Genre: Podcast.
  • Feb 13, 2019Prayer
    Feb 13, 2019
    Are your prayers powerful and effective? Are you experiencing breakthrough in your prayer life? Pastor Ashley shows us in James 5:16 that power in our lives is a product of perseverance in prayer.
  • Feb 10, 2019His Will and Your Choice
    Feb 10, 2019
    His Will and Your Choice
    Culturally, we have more choices to make than any other generation before us. Pastor Ashley teaches us how to approach all these choices in light of Matthew 6:31 which instructs us to seek God first in everything.
  • Feb 6, 2019Ask. Seek. Knock.
    Feb 6, 2019
    Ask. Seek. Knock.
    Matthew 7:7-8 tells us to ASK, SEEK, and KNOCK. Pastor Ashley teaches us that "prayer initiates a legal matter in the courts of Heaven," and is the avenue for asking, seeking, and knocking.
  • Feb 3, 2019It’s Not THAT Hard
    Feb 3, 2019
    It’s Not THAT Hard
    Pastor Ashley Ellison shows us from Matthew 7:13-14 that while life can be difficult, it doesn't have to be hard. The path for the Christian is narrow, but clearly defined in the Word of God.
  • Jan 30, 2019Share Life
    Jan 30, 2019
    Share Life
    Adam Jones addresses the questions many of us have concerning the Great Commission: Who do I disciple? Am I worthy? What do I share?
  • Jan 28, 2019Making Disciples
    Jan 28, 2019
    Making Disciples
    Pastor Ashley expounds on CMC's vision of Making Disciples, by teaching us to pursue God, put to death sinful behavior, live out our faith for the world to see, and be a benefit to the Kingdom of God.
  • Jan 23, 2019Power of Your Testimony
    Jan 23, 2019
    Power of Your Testimony
    Pastor Ashley Ellison teaches us about the power of our testimony using the Apostle Paul's example of finding common ground with everyone.
  • Jan 20, 2019Making Disciples
    Jan 20, 2019
    Making Disciples
    Missionary Alvin Anderson shares about the vision and ministry of Manos Extendidas (Extended Hands) in Honduras. He teaches us that God's timing for our lives will always correspond with God's timing for His church.
  • Jan 16, 2019Making Disciples
    Jan 16, 2019
    Making Disciples
    Ben Garbee shares his personal testimony of applying Biblical principles in his finances and seeing God's faithfulness even through tragic circumstances. Pastor Ashley Ellison teaches us about the power of our testimony.
Thank you for being generous and making an impact through CMC. God is doing an amazing work at Christian Ministries Church.
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